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The Latest Kitchen Color Trends You Can't Ignore

Feb 10

The Latest Kitchen Color Trends You Can't Ignore

By Richmond Ace Cabinet Refinishing


You don't need to spend a fortune to renovate your home. You could actually increase your home's value by changing the color of your kitchen.

You can update your home without breaking the bank by changing your kitchen's color scheme. This will give your home a new and exciting look. You can also use the latest textures to give your kitchen accessories a sophisticated, yet elegant look.

These are the most popular interior design trends in 2022 for kitchen colors. Which one will you choose?

How to Renovate Your Home with Hot Kitchen Color Trends

Your kitchen will be transformed from being so-so to so-fabulous with the little details. To bring your interior decor up to date, pick one or two of these top kitchen design trends this year - without spending a lot of money.

1. Cute Coral Rules 2022

Coral is Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year. It's simple to see why. It can be mixed with neutrals and earthy tones, to brighten any décor.

This bright orange-based color is great for accenting simple accessories, such as chair cushions, as well as making a statement on your walls.

You can add some greenery to give your home a Southwestern vibe, or you can use brighter colors to really make your decor stand out.

2. Striking Stripes Refresh White Kitchens

Although an all-white kitchen will always be in fashion, it can sometimes feel a bit bland.

You can spice things up with stripes To create a focal point within a sea of white, you can use stripes in your decor.

3. Upgrade Your Cupboard Doors

Refinishing or replacing cupboard doors can be a cost-effective and stylish way of updating your kitchen. Repainting cabinets can be a much cheaper and more time-consuming option than replacing your whole kitchen.

You can use uniform block colors in classic white, black, or navy tones. Or, you can have fun mixing light and dark shades to create visual interest. Any kitchen can have a feeling of depth and height thanks to the use of darker colors on lower cabinets and lighter ones on upper cabinets.

The perfect finishing touch for a cabinet-rescue job is to change the handles on your cabinets. You can give your kitchen a feminine feel by using decorative handles. However, you can also use simple-opening bars or round handles to finish the look.

4. Sleek lighting adds practical style

Kitchen lighting makes it easy to transform a space without having to make major changes.

The best way to transform your kitchen is with under-cupboard lighting. Strip LED lights are simple to install and can add an extra practical element.

You can make your room feel cozier by adding subtle corner lighting. The look and feel of your kitchen can be dramatically altered by adding a ceiling pendant, string lights, or a floor lamp.

5. Mixed Wood Tones Equal Pure Rustic Charm

Country-style kitchens have a timeless charm thanks to simple wood tones and farmhouse rustic.

You can mix wood tones by using pale woods as cupboard doors and deep mahogany flooring. The warmth and comfort of dark wood create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. While lighter colors add accents and heighten the appearance to create the illusion that there is more space,

6. Timeless neutrals still exist

The word "timeless" is the key to this: neutrals will never go out of fashion. They can be updated for 2022 with a variety of earthy colors and pops of greenery, or an accent bright as teal or yellow.

A neutral kitchen makes a great canvas for accessory lovers. For a unique focal point, you can add bright novelty colors to your accessories and scatter your kitchen chairs in geometric patterns.

7. Seamless Storage: Sci-Fi for Sci-Fi

For those looking for a full kitchen remodel, integrated appliances and sleek cabinets will make your kitchen more practical over the years.

Hidden appliances are concealed in seamless touch-to-open cupboards that create a futuristic sci-fi look. They are also easy to keep clean. Hidden behind bland-looking walls or cupboards, smart storage can transform small kitchens.

8. Monochrome Mix Textures

If you are looking for timeless neutrals that still look good, consider monochrome using black, white, gray and mixing it with textures.

With shiny gray handles, matte gray cupboard doors will stand out. Chalkboard-black worktops can be contrasted with a glossy splashback.

Monochrome patterns are a great way to have more fun without having to use all the rainbow colors.


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