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Why you should prefer the home theater to movie theaters?

Feb 23

Why you should prefer the home theater to movie theaters?

There are pockets full of holes! It is possible to lose cash in both your home theater or cinemas. A home theater is a one-time investment Movie theaters may triple the cost of each film you see. Gold can also be purchased in theaters (POPCORN! ).

You can also use the home theatre system by 7PiXL to give you a cinematic experience. But, it comes with several other advantages:


  • Punchier bass

The bass could be a lot stronger and more efficient at home than it can be at a local cineplex if it's properly set up. Your home is smaller. A tip for beginners when considering subwoofers for your home theater is that you can usually expect the jaw-dropping bass, which you would not get in a cinema. You may want to consider upgrading your sub to a driver with greater output and a bigger driver (12 or more inches).

It's as if a bullet has just passed through you when you listen to a subwoofer. The effect can be felt at home as well!


  • You don't need to spend much to enjoy COMFORT

Movie theaters often claim that their seats have been designed to be comfortable. However, they may mean "We will charge you extra to enjoy this service!" You can choose your place in a home theater and move about the theater as you wish. You can sit down, stand, or spread out as you want. This is double the fun! Is that something you could be able to experience in a film theater?


  • You can personalize the experience using AV to fit your needs

A home theater system could be better suited for those who want the sound of a movie to be heard at standard listening levels or louder than they are. The settings can be adjusted according to your preferences. You can adjust the volume to meet your listening preferences. You can also pause and rewind.


If you're in the market for a cinematic experience that is deep in bass and comes with 5.1 channels surrounds sound, a standard surround system will do the trick. The system can be able to match or even beat many theaters.


  • You have the option to select your target audience

Yes, we get it. You can avoid crying while watching movies at your home. Yes! No more babies. The Mr. and Miss Chewy snacks sound louder than the action scenes. These factors will not make the movie enjoyable.


You can keep yourself from helplessness by choosing your viewers. Enjoy the movie, and cherish the memories.


  • Freedom from criminally-expensive popcorn

We'd like to remind you of the popcorn prices. You can add beverages or snacks of your choice. You can also add chips or homemade sandwiches to your meals. We don't see any holes in your wallet!


  • You can watch as many videos as you wish and as often as you'd like

You can decide how many films you'd like to see and how often your home theater will be used. A trip to the cinema is unlikely because of the current high cost of entertainment. Instead, you can use your home theater multiple times a week to enjoy the movies and TV of your choice. This is a great once-over investment.


  • To take the bathroom take a break, press "Pause".

It is stated that "Time is not a snoozer for a man." A movie in a theatre will not be delayed by time. If nature or your companion is calling, you will not be late for any part of the film. When you're at home, you can press "Pause" to stop the movie and also establish your timetable. You have complete control of your time. You can take breaks in multiple ways, or plan your movie times. You can customize your experience to "your" way.


You've put in a lot of effort at work. You can now enjoy your time at home. You control the sound and the viewing experience.

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