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Some DIY Drywall Basics

Jul 9

It's lightweight and economical, and it can be used to decorate your home. It is also known by the name’s drywall, gypsum board, sheetrock, and wall board. But what do we really know? Here are some basics about drywall to make your next DIY drywall Denver project simpler.

What is drywall exactly?

It is a construction product. You can find it in sheets. The standard drywall is made of gypsum plaster, covered with paper. The sheets are attached to a building's frame with adhesives. For seamless appearance, the tapes are then coated with joint compound.

Every drywall is different

There are many types and styles of drywall. It is not surprising that so many people turn to professional drywall contractors for help. One of the advantages of drywall, is that it has gypsum. Gypsum is water-based and slows down fire spread. Many drywall types have been developed because of the high demand.

You will be asked by drywall contractors if you are interested in a

Purple, blue, or green gypsum board. It will also be important to determine if there is any moisture in the space where you are going to install drywall. These drywall types can cover these needs and the colors are representative of different wallboards.

You can choose from standard and mold resistant drywall, to moisture resistant boards, fire resistance, soundproof and paperless. Types C and X are for fire resistant wall drywall. The latter prevents the spread a fire 10 times faster than the former.

Another thing that distinguishes drywall from other types of drywall. Their size. The boards can range in length from 8 to 13 inches and thickness from 1/4-inch up to 5/8-inch. Reinforced boards, which resist better sound, moisture fire and mold, are generally 5/8-inch thick.

Drywall does not have to be used only for walls

Drywall is a main material for walls or ceilings. It can be used to decorate rooms. It can be used for creating coffers on the ceiling, arched openings as well as partitions, shelves, and moldings. They can be used to decorate rooms and install recessed lights in a quick and easy manner.

Drywall can still be repaired

Drywall can sometimes be cracked. Some nails might get into the boards. Repairing drywall is possible. Even small cracks and holes can be repaired easily. The good news? A sheet can be replaced by drywall companies, so even if the damage is severe, it won't cause chaos.

Drywall installation requires the expertise of professionals

Many people try to put up drywall, and there are plenty of DIY instructions online. It's not an easy task. It takes skills and the right tools. Ceiling drywall is harder to hang because it's overhead. To hang the ceiling, a drywall professional will need to use special equipment.

Last information: There are many types to finish drywall. These include texture and flat. The boards must be properly finished first.



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